Monday, January 25, 2010

An Elegant Solution

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged. In part, the radio silence was the result of the holiday madness; in part, the reality that I am the only one reading this, so I can simply think my incredibly deep thoughts and not write them down; and, in part, the fact that I cannot find enough time to write.

Having finished my practice book and relegated it to the dusty corners of a flash drive, I started my WIP in early December. I know where I want to go with it but . . . each and every time I sit down and open the file, some electromagnetic pulse must alert my sons to the fact that mommy is about to start writing. They appear out of nowhere and need me urgently to settle a dispute, put someone down for a nap, make them a snack, you name it. Even if they're SLEEPING---I open the file and BOOM! Awake, needy children materialize.

So, I could hardly justify using my meager writing time posting on a blog read only by me.

Why, then am I here? Ah, I have hit upon a solution that is elegant in its simplicity. Just like an elegant solution in science or math, I can now achieve my maximum desired effect with the simplest effort. Have I auctioned off the children on eBay? I have not. Moved out? Nope. I am writing the first draft in longhand. You know, with a pen and paper.

My output has skyrocketed since I decided to start carrying around a 99-cent notebook. I can be in the same room as the kids (who, at 2 and 4, really don't want to play with me, but just want me around) and can scribble away. Writing while lifeguarding during bath time? Check. In the car? Check (so long as the beloved husband is driving). While waiting for the cookies in the oven to bake? Check.

Now, I thought the drawback here would be the inefficiency of writing everything down and then typing it out, but it turns out, I automatically do a light-to-moderate edit while I word process it. If a phrase jars me or I spot an error, I just correct it as I go along. I figure this is actually more efficient than composing at the keyboard.

I am most pleased.